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New Policies for 2015

The Ride Leaders held a Club business meeting in November, 2014 and voted to adopt several new policies that will become effective February 1, 2015:

  • There is a new Membership Application form that includes a release/waiver.  The release/waver must be signed (one time) by each member and guest. lab logo
  • The Club has purchased general liability insurance coverage through the League of American Bicyclists that covers all members and guests.
  • Set dues of $10.00 per person to cover the insurance premium, website and other minor expenses.  Dues expire each January 31.
  • The Club created a Treasurer position. The Treasurer collects the Membership Applications, dues and pays any bills.
  • The Club Membership roster has two categories: Leaders and Riders (Guests riding for the first time in a five month Season are not yet Club Members).
  • A Leader has the option to set a maximum number for the ride.  If the maximum number is exceeded, Leaders have 1st priority, Riders have 2nd priority and Guests have 3rd priority.
  • Riders are encouraged become Leaders by planning and leading a ride.

Membership Attributes Guest Rider Leader
Riding with Club for the first time this Season* ü n/a n/a
Signs a release/waiver (once) ü ü ü
Covered by insurance ü ü ü
Club Member (see New Application Form) ü ü
E-mail distribution list ü ü
Pays Dues @ $10.00 per person per year ü ü
Has a vote at Club business meeting ü
RSVP priority if maximum exceeded** 3rd 2nd 1st
* A Season is the 5 month period used for Ride Schedule planning
** A Leader has the option to set a maximum number for the ride
Notes about Ride Leaders:

A Ride Leader plans and leads a Ride.  A Ride Plan may have 1 or 2 Ride Leaders.  Ride Leaders are named in the Ride Plan. A Ride Leader in one Season (5 month period) continues to be a Ride Leader in the next Season.  If a Rider is scheduled to lead a future ride in the current Season, they are considered to be a Ride Leader for that Season.